Changing the Oil and Oil Filter on a 2016 – 2019 Honda Africa Twin

For general information on motorcycle oil changes, as well as notes and procedures for oil and filter changes on several other motorcycles, see this post:

Motorcycle Oil and Oil Filter Change Notes & Procedures

Please check it out, as the above post includes general information about changing the oil and oil filter in motorcycles that is generally not repeated in this post.

Note, this oil change was done on a 2017 Honda Africa Twin, but I don’t believe there are any significant differences in the procedure between thes 2016, 2018, and 2019 model years.

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2017 Honda Africa Twin (CRF1000L)

Materials Needed

Special Procedures and Notes

  • Remove the skid plate – 3 5mm allen/hex bits – 2 underneath towards the front of the plate and 1 on the left side near the foot beg. From there it slides off a small rail on the right side. Mind the little cylinder/spacer and rubber grommet included on the side bolt.
  • Remove drain bolts – there are TWO of them. Both 12mm. Remove in any order. Make sure oil pan is under both. Rock bike back and forth on center stand to get all the oil out.
From the manual
  • Replace drain bolts. Check the crush washers and replace if worn/damaged. Torque for the two 12mm bolts is 22 ft-lbs.
  • Remove the old oil filter. If using the K&N, a 17mm wrench is handy to remove the filter. Make sure the oil drain pain is below the filter, more oil will come out.
  • Replace the oil filter. Like I said, I like the K&N filters with the nut on the end. Makes removal so much easier (do NOT use nut on end for install). Part number is KN-204. Honda OEM part number (for reference, if desired) is 15410-MFJD01.
  • Lubricate the oil filter gasket by using some fresh oil on your finger. Torque for oil filter is 19 ft-lbs.
skid plate bolts with 5mm hex socket head
  • Refill oil. Remove the oil fill plug and use funnel to pour oil in. 4.3 quarts of oil is needed for the manual AT, 4.4 for the DCT. (if just changing oil – no filter – volume is 4.1 quarts for manual and 4.2 quarts for DCT).
  • After warming up the bike again put bike back on center stand. Check for leaks. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean. Insert the dipstick until it seats but don’t screw it in. Check that the oil level is between the upper and lower level marks. Replace dipstick and screw back in till snug.
  • Replace skid plate.

4 thoughts on “Changing the Oil and Oil Filter on a 2016 – 2019 Honda Africa Twin

  • DO NOT use the nut on the K&N filter for install!!! It’s for removal only. Google K&N oil filter failure for multiple reasons why.

    • Ah ha! Thank you for the heads up! Good to know. Will update post.

  • Thank you for these directions! I just changed the oil in my AT for the first time. Knowing the procedure before doing the job made it much quicker and easier.

    • Thanks Shawn. A lot of these posts are as much for my reference as they are for others. How much oil? What was that torque spec?

      Glad you found it useful too! Now to get out and ride!


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