Changing the Oil and Oil Filter on a 2017 – 2019 Kawasaki Versys X-300

For general information on motorcycle oil changes, as well as notes and procedures for oil and filter changes on several other motorcycles, see this post:

Motorcycle Oil and Oil Filter Change Notes & Procedures

Please check it out, as the above post includes general information about changing the oil and oil filter in motorcycles that is generally not repeated in this post.

Note, this oil change was done on a 2017 Kawasaki Versys X-300, but I don’t believe there are any significant differences in the procedure between the 2017 2018, and 2019 model years.

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2017 Kawasaki Versys X-300

Materials Needed:

Special Procedures and Notes

  • Remove the skid plate (if applicable). In our case, we have the Ricochet Off-road skid plate. Yes. It has a drain hole, through the skid plate, but its not effective and oil ends up getting all over the skid plate anyway. And if you are removing the filter then the skid plate has to be removed anyway. It is a huge pain to remove (didn’t help that I stripped one of the hex bit mounting bolts in the process). Recommendation for next time: Put bike gently on its side so you can see what you are doing on the skid plate.
  • Drain the oil. Drain bolt is a 17mm hex head bolt on the right side of the bike.
  • Let oil drain completely then replace drain bolt. Check crush washer for damage and replace if necessary. Torque for engine oil drain bolt is 22 ft-lbs.
  • Remove oil filter. If using the K&N filter it takes a 17mm wrench.
  • Replace oil filter with KN-303 or equivalent (OEM Part number is 16097-0008). Torque for oil filter is 12.9 ft-lbs. (the nut on the end is not supposed to be used for install)
  • Refill with oil. the Versys x-300 takes 2.2L (2.3 quarts) when filter is removed. 2.0L (2.1 quarts) when filter is not removed. Kawasaki recommends SAE10W-40 oil, JASO MA2 SG through SM.
  • Start up and warm up. Check for leaks. Shut down and wait a few minutes. Check oil with bike centered (or on center stand) in site glass on right side of bike behind the brake pedal pivot. Oil should read right near the top of the site window, but it should not be completely obscured by oil (maybe 7/8ths filled? There is a line to the left side of the inspection window, but its hard to see)
  • Replace skid plate (if applicable).

One thought on “Changing the Oil and Oil Filter on a 2017 – 2019 Kawasaki Versys X-300

  • I have that skid plate… You don’t need to remove it. You can makeshift a funnel to drain through the skid plate cutout from a milk jug, or mini funnel (Colman camp fuel, hobby shops, etc). Little to no oil to wipe from the skid. Rubber oil filter ratchet strap for the filter and some blue paper shop towels for the little that comes out there. Spin the new filter on and snug it up with the strap filter. Don’t get too crazy or the filter canister will dent. Spec is something crazy like 12-15ft lbs… but as tight as you can get by hand and then a few snugs with the strap is plenty. I’d hate to remove that plate every oil change!!


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