UBCO 2×2 Electric Adventure Bike Offroad Review

Combining the versatility of a utility motorcycle with the eco-friendliness of an electric vehicle, the UBCO 2×2 Electric Adventure Bike opens up new possibilities for commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, farmers and ranchers, and those that like to explore their local backwoods roads and trails. Equal parts eBike, scooter, utility vehicle, and dirt bike, the UBCO 2×2 is an absolute joy to ride. Beth picked up this little adventure scooter for commuting to and from work – but I just had to take it off road.

UBCO is a New Zealand-based electric vehicle company that was founded in 2014. In 2017 they established a dedicated distribution facility in Eugune, Oregon and entered the US market. The company’s vision was to create innovative and environmentally friendly electric utility bikes that could survive on a New Zealand farm. And the fact that it can be registered as a street legal moped makes it fill a unique niche in both the eBike and street legal scooter sector.

The utility scooter is powered by not just one, but two high-performance hub motors, providing near instant torque, making the bike highly responsive even in low-speed situations. This unique all-wheel-drive system enhances traction and stability, making it well-suited for tackling diverse terrain. The electric powertrain ensures instant torque delivery, allowing the bike to overcome challenging obstacles with ease, whether it’s steep inclines, deep dusty trails, or loose gravel. You can definitely feel the responsiveness of the all-wheel-drive system and the instant torque delivery from both motors provides a good amount of power to get over small obstacles in the road, without fear of losing momentum. And while the top speed is limited by a governor of 30 miles per hour, to maintain the street legal moped designation, this feels plenty fast for modest off road riding.

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From the first moments I sat down down on this bike and rolled on to the throttle I had a big smile on my face. This bike is an absolute joy to ride. Sure it lacks the the high speed and big wheels of a true bike, but for cruising around the farm, or exploring local back woods trails the UBCO 2×2 seems to have absolutely no issues. And the design and handling of the bike are approachable and confidence inspiring. Riding the UBCO 2×2 electric bike off-road is an absolute blast. The all-wheel-drive system is responsive and the suspension appears to be adequate for smooth and agile performance over rough terrain. The bike’s lightweight design, torquey electric motors, and comfortable handling make it feel right at home riding over roots and rocks, uneven or steep terrain. And even in stock form the bike handled everything I threw at it.

In conclusion, the UBCO 2×2 electric utility bike is an absolutely perfect smile inducing adventure on two wheels. I couldn’t be more stoked riding it, its really just that much fun. The UBCO 2×2 handles exceptionally well off road, especially given its simple utilitarian stature and unassuming broad market appeal. It’s clear that the designers knew what they were doing and created a versatile and fun machine that is an absolute joy to ride. And now the only problem is at some point I have to give it back to Beth.

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