Sprinter Stock Stereo Upgrade and Speaker Replacement

We replaced the speakers in the front doors, added rear 6×9 speakers and a separately powered subwoofer. We kept the stock stereo (cost, practicality, stock look) but added a 300W amp to power the new speakers. The system sounds great and the install was fairly straightforward. It required removing the stock stereo (though not removing the entire front dashboard) to get at the speaker wiring and removing the door panels to replace the front door speakers. But overall the install process was pretty straightforward and only took about 4 to 6 hours (including a lot of fidgeting, thinking, and theorizing).

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Sprinter Adventure Van Build – Kitchen

Built from a couple sheets of 1/2″ plywood, with some 1″x2″ firring strips as trim, our adventure van kitchen is highly functional if not the most pretty piece of furniture ever created. It features three main storage bays and counter top with sink extension. Highlights include the rolling storage compartment for our cooler / refrigerator, an electric pump for freshwater, and easy to manage contained gravity drain system.

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Sprinter Adventure Van Build – Bed Platform

We went very simple for our bed platform . That isn’t to say it isn’t highly comfortable and functional, but, like the rest of the van our focus was on utility rather than aesthetics. Keeping up with the “D” for Dynamic in DAPHNE we made sure that everything can still be removed from the van and go full ‘cargo mode’ in just a matter of minutes. The bed platform is simply 2×10 boards bolted with rivnuts (actually plusnuts) to the side of the van just below the rear windows spaces (where the rear windows would be if we had rear windows). We set the height of the bed platform to allow us to still be able to store bikes underneath the bed (on fork mounts, with the front wheel off). To bridge between the 2×10 “side rails” we built four 24″ x 72″ panels out of 1/2 plywood and 2×4’s. The panels are fairly lightweight and easy enough to install and remove. On top of the bed panels we went with very comfortable 6″ memory foam mattress. That’s pretty much

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