Tenere 700 – First Upgrades & Accessories

What to do with a new Yamaha Tenere 700 in the winter? Yeah Yeah. besides ride it. Customize it and make it mine, of course!

In the video below I am highlighting the first five things I did to the bike to upgrade and accessorize it.

Unsurprisingly, my list of customizations is long, that’s just part of the fun of owning a T7, but I had to start somewhere and as I show here, I started with:

Custom Text
  1. Phone Mount / Navigation Bracket: Hacked GUB 6 Plus handlebar mount + a custom 3D printed mounting plate and clamps.
  2. Shorty clutch and brake levers: MZS Tuning Adjustable Short Levers – Detailed Tenere 700 shorty clutch and brake lever review & install post here.
  3. Real handguards: Tusk D-Flex Pro Adventure handguard kit – YouTube install video here.
  4. Heated grips: Oxford Heaterz Premium Adventure grips – Detailed Tenere 700 heated grips review & install post here
  5. Anti-Bobble-Head Display/Headlight Braces: Camel ADV – YouTube install video here.

Of course, this is just the beginning of my Tenere 700 journey, with more off-road and ADV oriented accessories to be added in the next round, including a skid plate, crash bars, luggage rack, tail tidy, chain guide and more.

Looking forward to sharing the build with you, here on Points Unknown so please subscribe if this is the kind of thing you are interested in. And if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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