Installing a GPR V5D Steering Stabilizer on the Honda CRF450L

I recently finished installing a new GPR V5D steering stabilizer on my Honda CRF 450L dual sport adventure bike and documented the process in the video below. While I was at it, I also installed a new 1 1/8″ ProTaper EVO handlebar.

Now I know steering stabilizers aren’t for everyone, but I found that experiencing a lot of play in the motorcycle handlebars, especially at higher speeds through rocky terrain, freaked me out. The steering stabilizer gives me a huge confidence boost in my riding to be able to ride off-road, trails, and rougher terrain, faster. It also reduces the fatigue I feel on longer rides, reducing the amount of energy I have to put into steering and allowing me to ride further.

I chose the GPR steering stabilizer because I liked the single knob control (and that they were made in the USA, have great history, and are easily serviceable). While I certainly enjoy being able to ‘customize’ settings, I didn’t want ‘too many’ settings to be a distraction to my riding. After having the GPR V5 steering stabilizer installed on my CRF450L for a couple months now I have found it to be everything I could have hoped for. I keep it set to 3 or 4 during regular single track rides, but crank it up to 7+ when on long gravel grinds.

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For the handlebar, I installed a ProTaper EVO bar with the Henry / Reed bend. I chose this bar because it was most like the stock handlebars, but with a little extra sweep. Since the GPR steering stabilizer kit raises the handlebars a few millimeters I didn’t want to get a bar with an more rise that would increase the height and change the riding geometry of the bike. So fare I am very impressed with the ergonomics of this new bar.

Installation took me a few hours, but is not particularly challenging. The hardest part was just getting all the existing hardware off my old handlebar (including the throttle, brake assembly, handguards, lighting, etc.) and putting everything on to the new handlebar. I bought the GPR V5d direct from GPRs website as a kit specific for the Honda CRF 450L and it came with everything I needed. Install of the GPR steering dampener unit itself was very straightforward – with everything fitting very nicely (a testament to the good craftsmanship of the kit) and requiring only typical tools I had in my garage (wrenches, sockets, allen keys, etc.).

I am very impressed with this steering dampener, both from a riding and controls perspective, as well as the build quality and functionality of the GPR itself. For me I can really notice the difference and appreciate what it is doing to keep me safer, faster, and push me further.

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