Fork Seals

Today I changed the fork seals on my f650gs. They say that this is a relatively easy task. They say you can do this without taking the front wheel off. I say, they are full of shit. I have no idea how to do this without taking the fork apart. So thats what I did. Someone can tell me the right way to do it next time.

I think all told this project took me about four or five hours. Some of that time was spent cursing. A lot of that time was spent cleaning up the mess the fork oil made. Everywhere.

I’ve gone through and talked about each picture below which kinda walks you through the process. There is a great description of what to don so I didnt belabor each point. Just showed enough pictures to get the right idea.

Custom Text

Getting the cap of the fork tube was definitely challenging. And getting the new seals back in took an extra special amount of patience. All in all though it was a pretty good project. And now hopefully the front end of my bike will stay much cleaner.

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