Rapid Spoke Nipple Removal Tool

Like most biking enthusiasts we have ended up with lots of random parts and pieces of bikes over the years. This afternoon we decided that it was time to do something with several of the spare wheels that we have accumulated. Unfortunately, none of our current (and likely future) bikes are compatible with the wheels we have. So in order to make use of our nice Chris King hubs we needed to unlace the rims from the hubs. As I dove into this project, I was thinking to myself – there has to be a better (faster) way!

Park Nipple Driver Tool. The actual “right tool” for the job

Now, they do make these really cool nipple driver tools (like this Park tool) which I don’t own – but even that seemed like too much work for the simple process of removing all the spokes. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and present to you: The Rapid Spoke Nipple Removal Tool! Designed for use in a drill / screw gun!

Steps to making this tool

Custom Text
  1. Find an old flat head bit you aren’t using. I like this dual use phillips / flat bit because it has a nice long shank that makes it easier to get down into the rim recess to reach the nipple.
  2. Put the flat head bit into a vice
  3. Use a rotary grinder (dremel tool or equivalent) and grind it down to get the desired shape (see images below)
  4. Put the new bit in your cordless screw gun and away you go.
  5. Thats it!

I have to say it made things go a lot easier. But I would caution anyone reading this that you should not use this tool if you have any intention of reusing the nipples. Its fast, but it can chew up the nipples pretty good. And if you have any intention of reusing the rims, then you should take extra care (more care than I did) to not damage the rims


a. The shape you want to carve into the drill bit

b. That same shape sketched onto the selected bit

c. bit loaded into vice and ready for grinding

d. bit ready for action

e. The results – 3 wheels unlaced in just a few minutes

That’s all folks



2 thoughts on “Rapid Spoke Nipple Removal Tool

  • Awesome. How would it chew up the nipples or rims any more than hand tools?

    • Austin

      I haven’t had any issues with it. If anything it’s less damaging – I have a heck of a time with hand tools, keeping everything aligned as I work. Seems much easier with the drill.


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