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  • Installing Rally Raid Lowering Links on Yamaha Ténéré 700: An 8 Step Guide
    The Yamaha Tenere 700 is an exceptional adventure motorcycle boasting impressive features such as a strong, lightweight frame and advanced fuel-injected engine that make it perfect to conquer any terrain. However, with a high seat height that could intimidate shorter or less confident riders, you may find the towering position a challenge to handle, particularly
  • Yamaha Tenere 700 Vs Honda Africa Twin: Thoughts and Preferences for the Average Adventure Rider
    Deciding between the Honda Africa Twin and Yamaha Tenere 700 can be tough. Both are phenomenal adventure motorcycles, but each excels in different areas. In this video I discuss my thoughts and opinions on these two excellent ADV bikes, based on my own riding style, skill level, and personal preferences. In different hands, these bikes
  • The Wild Atlantic Way on Two Wheels – Motorcycling Ireland
    Highlights from our recent motorcycle trip to Ireland where we rode a good portion of the Wild Atlantic Way. Though the weather wasn’t that great, we had a fantastic time exploring the emerald isle on two wheels. We rented motorcycles from Lemonrock Motorcycle Tours in Trim, which is a short drive outside of Dublin. This
  • UBCO 2×2 Electric Adventure Bike Offroad Review
    Combining the versatility of a utility motorcycle with the eco-friendliness of an electric vehicle, the UBCO 2×2 Electric Adventure Bike opens up new possibilities for commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, farmers and ranchers, and those that like to explore their local backwoods roads and trails. Equal parts eBike, scooter, utility vehicle, and dirt bike, the UBCO 2×2
  • Motorcycle Toolbox Ammo Can Hack (Mosko Moto + Outback Motortek)
    Want an inexpensive motorcycle toolbox that you always goes with you? This DIY Ammo Can hack makes uses Outback Motortek pannier racks and the Mosko Moto Backcountry Pannier kit to do just that. (and probably works on other pannier racks/kits as well) Once you’ve got the right parts it should only take 20 minutes to
  • Tenere 700: No More Cold Hands (Heated Grips Install)
    Overview and details of how to install heated grips to the OEM connector on the Yamaha Tenere 700 motorcycle. Includes both video and written instructions.
  • Tenere 700 – First Upgrades & Accessories
    What to do with a new Yamaha Tenere 700 in the winter? Yeah Yeah. besides ride it. Customize it and make it mine, of course! In the video below I am highlighting the first five things I did to the bike to upgrade and accessorize it. Unsurprisingly, my list of customizations is long, that’s just
  • MZS Tuning Clutch and Brake Levers for the Yamaha Tenere 700: Review and Install
    One of the most critical components of any bike is the clutch and brake levers. These levers play a vital role in controlling your motorcycle, and having high-quality levers can make a world of difference in your ride. Aftermarket levers are easy to install on your bike, and there are a lot of options available