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  • Honda Africa Twin – Easy Side and Front Fairing and Headlight Shroud Removal
    Quick reference, providing all the information needed to remove the side and front plastic fairings and headlight shroud on the Honda Africa Twin.
  • Lolo Racks “Rad Lad” Bike Rack Install on Surco Ladder (Sprinter Van)
    The “Rad Lad” ladder mounted bike rack kit from Lolo Racks offers some intriguing functionality – enabling handy folks to convert their rear door ladders into robust bike racks. And the Lolo Racks Rad Lad kit mostly delivers. But being a bit resourceful is definitely required – as we found some custom modification is required.
  • Phone Mount and USB Power with the Adventure Spec Mini Faring for Honda CRF450L
    The Honda CRF450L (or CRF450RL) is a fantastic dual sport motorcycle. However, in order to unlock its potential as an amazing lightweight adventure bike it needs some simple upgrades. Foremost on my list of ADV motorcycle upgrades is the Adventure Spec Mini Faring, USB Power and Phone Mount for Navigation. I customized my CRF450L using
  • Tubeless Wheel Conversion for My Africa Twin
    I go through the steps I took to convert the factory original (OEM) wheels for my 2017 Honda Africa Twin motorcycle from tubed to tubeless. The basic procedure I used was: (1) Remove the wheels from the bike and the tires from the wheels. (2)Clean the wheels thoroughly, first with soapy water and a scrub brush, then with wire brushes, then with acetone. (3) Apply 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 5200 to the spoke holes. (4) Prepare the wheels for taping using isopropyl alcohol (50/50 mix). (5) Tape wheels with 3M Extreme Sealing Tape 4411N. (6) Install Drag Specialties valve stems ( #0360-0010). (7) Re-assemble wheels, tires, and put back on the motorcycle.
  • Motorcycling through Romania and Bulgaria
    We rented motorcycles from Romania Motorcycle Tours and spent 13 days riding around Romania and Bulgaria. We saw and did ALL the cool things (ok, that’s an exaggeration) including castles, medieval towns, high alpine twisty roads, gorgeous black sea beaches, the Danube river (over and over again), charming guesthouses, delicious local foods, mountain passes, and more.
  • Installing a GPR V5D Steering Stabilizer on the Honda CRF450L
    recently finished installing a new GPR V5D steering stabilizer on my Honda CRF 450L dual sport adventure bike and documented the process in the video below. While I was at it, I also installed a new 1 1/8″ ProTaper EVO handlebar.
  • Installing the JD Jetting EFI Tuner on a Honda CRF 450L
    The Honda CRF450L is well known for being a little bit twitchy off the line, when going from off idle into the throttle. After riding a friends bike who had installed the JD Jetting EFI tuner, I became a believer. Sure, I know doing the full vortex ECU replacement, adding aftermarket exhaust, and a number
  • Moab Moto Adventures… And More!
    TL:DR – We trailer our motorcycles down to Grand Junction, Colorado and Moab, Utah for a fun dual-sport motorcycle adventure, including some excellent training lead by MotoDiscovery, riding some classic routes in Moab, and camping under the desert stars. On the way home, the wheel fell off our van. Part 1: Trailer to Training, Grand