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  • Tenere 700 – First Upgrades & Accessories
    What to do with a new Yamaha Tenere 700 in the winter? Yeah Yeah. besides ride it. Customize it and make it mine, of course! In the video below I am highlighting the first five things I did to the bike to upgrade and accessorize it. Unsurprisingly, my list of customizations is long, that’s just
  • MZS Tuning Clutch and Brake Levers for the Yamaha Tenere 700: Review and Install
    One of the most critical components of any bike is the clutch and brake levers. These levers play a vital role in controlling your motorcycle, and having high-quality levers can make a world of difference in your ride. Aftermarket levers are easy to install on your bike, and there are a lot of options available
  • Installing Apache 360 LT Tracks on a Can-Am Defender UTV
    A side by side is arguably essentially equipment around the farm, right up there with a tractor. But when deep, wet winter snows come to the pacific northwest, four wheel drive alone isn’t going to cut it. Adding all terrain tracks to the Can-Am Defender UTV makes it pretty unstoppable, whether it be deep snow
  • High-Beam Trigger for Aux Lights on the Honda Africa Twin | (Part 3)
    If you have been following along from the beginning, this is technically part 3 of the Accessory Power and Lighting for the Honda Africa Twin series. We started out the series with some basic accessory wiring know-how and a big suggestion to just use the awesome wiring kits from Eastern Beaver. Then in part 2
  • Accessory Power and Lighting for the Honda Africa Twin | Part 2
    In part one of this series, we focused in the fairly straightforward task of wiring for 12V accessories on the Honda Africa Twin motorcycle. This is a fairly straightforward task, especially if using the kit from eastern beaver. In this next part, we’re taking a little deeper dive into how the kit works – and
  • Africa Twin Air Filter Replacement (GUGLAtech)
    I replaced my Africa Twin Honda OEM air filters with GUGLAtech Ultra4 Rally Desert Air Filters. This post provides a video and narrative with simple installation instructions for removing the OEM air filters and installing the new air filters on the Honda Africa Twin (CRF100L and CRF1100L).
  • Honda Africa Twin – Easy Side and Front Fairing and Headlight Shroud Removal
    Quick reference, providing all the information needed to remove the side and front plastic fairings and headlight shroud on the Honda Africa Twin.
  • Lolo Racks “Rad Lad” Bike Rack Install on Surco Ladder (Sprinter Van)
    The “Rad Lad” ladder mounted bike rack kit from Lolo Racks offers some intriguing functionality – enabling handy folks to convert their rear door ladders into robust bike racks. And the Lolo Racks Rad Lad kit mostly delivers. But being a bit resourceful is definitely required – as we found some custom modification is required.