Points Unknown Insulated Super Gaiters

Points Unknown Insulated Super Gaiters

For our trip to Nepal we were planning on not bringing plastic boots, even though we were originally planning on doing some pretty technical climbing. Our desire was to not have to carry in several pairs of footwear, since we also didn’t want to use porters for our approach. The result of these constraints led us to design and construct four pairs of insulated super gaiters for use with our stiff leather mountaineering boots. In this way we could do the approach in our leather boots and then start climbing in the same leather boots with the added warmth and protection of the insulated super gaiters.

The finished product is the now famous “Points Unknown Insulated Super Gaiters.” Featuring additional exterior water proofing (ballistic nylon), 2″ of synthetic insulation around the boot cuff, calf and toe box, and a rubber rand that seals around the outside of the boot sole. All of this results in very functional insulated super gaiters can provide a warm and robust gaiter as a lightweight alternative to bulky plastic boots. (famous is a relative term)

Materials of Construction:

– Rubber Rand: Motorcycle inner tube, cut to shape.
– Outer: Ripstop Ballistic Nylon
– Inner: 2″ synthetic fill factory sewn to nylon
– Zippers
– Velcro
– Gore-tex flaps
– Stretch Chord and Chord Locks

Custom Text

Points Unknown Super Gaiters – Plans

For our Nepal expedition we fabricated four excellent pairs of super gaiters. The rubber rands pull over the boot sole easily but securely. The upper part of the gaiters snug around the lower leg using zippers with a velcro windproof flap and a quick-lock elastic chord around the upper cuff. Our field tests in the high altitudes of Nepal proved the durability and effectiveness of these gaiters. We were stoked!

Material Construction Photos and Plans

DSCN0678 DSCN0679 DSCN0696 DSCN0699 DSCN0700 DSCN0704 DSCN0705 Main Diagram Page 001 Main Diagram Page 002





Super gaiters at use in the field

2 thoughts on “Points Unknown Insulated Super Gaiters

  • Dear Austin,

    I was wondering if you perhaps have the plans and shapes (perhaps in pdf format?) to make these super gaiters. I’m from Argentina and I’m gonna be climbing a 6000m peak with single boots (unfortunately double boots are too expensive here, so I am going with my Boreal Maipo boots). I already attempted this peak with single boots last year, and though not so hard, I felt my feet cold. If it was a worse day, I should have had to come back and abort the climb. Looking on the internet I found your project and I’m willing to replicate this at home. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

    • Sebastian, thanks for your comments. I don’t really have any detailed plans for the gaiters – we kinda just made it up as we went along. However, inspired by your comment I have uploaded a bunch more detailed photos and a more detailed, labeled diagram, which should help you create your own gaiters. Thanks again!


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