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Off the Beaten Path (1999) & Long Time Waiting (2000)

Track listing and other information for off the beaten path no longer available.

Artist Notes on Long Time Waiting: Recorded in 2000 on a Tascam 404 multi-track tape recorder, Long time waiting was born out of the new experiences of going to college, meeting new people, and living a life on my own.

The nine tracks included on this album are rough, at best, but they represent a key part in the progression of my music.

Track Listing:
1. intro (3:51)
2. know the way (5:57)
3. stay forever (5:45)
4. give it all away (4:01)
5. all of the troubles (4:00)
6. start again (3:50)
7. stranger (5:12)
8. fade away (3:36)
9. memories (5:37)
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Downloads no longer available. 🙁

My music is now live on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and more.
Just search for ‘Points Unknown’ at your favorite online music store or streaming source.

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