DIY Adventure Van: Modular Kitchen System (v3.0)

Our adventure van modular kitchen system includes a sink, storage drawers, clean water and waste water storage tanks, and a means for storing and deploying a 2 burner camp stove. All while maintaining modularity and quick install/remove capability which our hallmarks of DAPHNE’s buildout. Detailed plans of our adventure camper van kitchen system are available for download.

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Top 5 Car Camping Kitchen Accessories

Having the Sprinter Van has gotten us a little further away from our small tent, large backpacks, ultralight camping stove, compact sleeping pads etc. This summer we have been enjoying the luxury of car camping and with that comes some fun car camping accessories that we have been getting a lot of use out of. Some of these items we have had for a long time (read: belonged to our parents before us). Other things we discovered just recently. Our top five car camping kitchen items include: two burner stove, roll-up table, camping fuel lantern, propane coffee maker, and cargo box.

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